Cadence Selected to Present at Deltec’s Annual Conference in the Bahamas

Bahamas-based financial services provider Deltec International Group (Deltec) invited Cadence to present at their Annual Conference in Nassau from March 3-5. The conference explored the rise of technology and its transformative potential across economic sectors. The parent company of Deltec Bank & Trust brought together over 300 academics, regulators, startup companies, and financial professionals to analyze this topic.

In adopting a theme of “Trusting Disruption,” the conference featured keynote speakers in geopolitics, fintech (financial technology), artificial intelligence (AI), and futurism. During “The Innovator’s Marketplace” component of the conference, Cadence was one of only two blockchain companies invited to present their work – with 16 across all sectors. Attendees included Deltec shareholders, board members, and several ultra-high net worth clients.

The event garnered Cadence considerable recognition, resulting in multiple potential partnerships on the broker-dealer, regulatory, and origination fronts. As Jean Chalopin, Deltec International Group’s chairman said during the conference:

“To trust disruption, we need to understand what innovation means for us, so that we can adjust our vision and investment approach and be better armed to capture the next best opportunities. We were thrilled to welcome innovators to The Bahamas to share ideas and discuss the impact of technology on our society.”

To Cadence, innovation means streamlining the private credit market by leveraging the potential of digital assets. In building the necessary infrastructure to attract institutional investors, Cadence hopes to facilitate adoption and improve scalability in the digital asset class.

[This archived post was released at a time when Percent was formerly known as Cadence.]

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