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Introducing Streamlined Deal Pages on Percent

Percent is dedicated to improving the private credit investing experience. We’ve heard your feedback–comparing deals can be time-consuming due to the abundance of information available on each specific offering. Our new standardized deal pages address this directly, empowering you to make informed investment decisions more efficiently.

Why These Changes, Why Now

As of March 1st, 2024, all new deals listed on Percent will follow a consistent layout for the presentation of key information. This change makes it easier for investors to quickly understand and compare opportunities.

Investors have been asking for a concise, upfront deal overview to streamline their process. Our redesigned pages deliver just that based on your valuable input.

Key Benefits

The updated deal pages provide several advantages: 

Consistent Structure: Spend less time searching with a predictable format across all new deals.

Streamlined Diligence: The new Deal Overview answers common questions upfront, helping you quickly assess fit and the need for further review. Insights from the CEO and underwriter add valuable context.

Credit Risk Snapshot: Side-by-side metrics showcase how the deal stacks up across factors like seniority, financials, track record, and covenants.

Introducing the Deal Overview

This section is designed to quickly address the most common investor inquiries, providing a clear picture of:

  • The borrower’s background and recent performance
  • The underwriter’s perspective and strategic approach
  • How capital will be used, along with repayment plans
  • The approach to managing potential default scenarios

Plus, the new Credit Risk Snapshot provides an at-a-glance comparison with typical market standard criteria, customized for Asset-Based, Corporate Loan, and Blended Note deals.

The Deal Overview delivers a quick yet comprehensive assessment to inform your investment decisions.

Streamlined Information Flow

The restructured deal pages now guide you through a logical progression of information:

  1. Deal Overview (New): A fresh addition providing a snapshot to understand deal essentials. 
  2. Borrower Overview (Existing): Detailed insights into the borrower’s background and track record. 
  3. Underwriter Overview (Existing): Provides insights into the Underwriter’s strategy and performance history.
  4. Offering Overview (Existing): Comprehensive details of the offering itself. 
  5. Underlying Asset Exposure, Reporting, and Risks (New, Consolidated): A consolidated section encompassing the former “Surveillance” and “Risks and Mitigants,” offering deeper insights into the deal’s dynamics. 
  6. Security Details (Existing): Delves into the structural details of the investment, highlighting collateral types, payment priorities, and credit enhancements.

While the Deal Overview delivers crucial insights, we encourage investors to further explore the extensive offering materials and risk factors available in every deal’s data room for fuller diligence.

We Value Your Input

These changes demonstrate our commitment to enhancing your investing experience based on your needs and direct feedback. As we refine these features, please continue sharing your insights to Your perspective is invaluable in our journey to make private credit investing more accessible, transparent, and user-friendly.

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Experience the New Layout

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