Underwrite Debt Offerings with Percent

Source new corporate borrower clients, structure market-standard private credit deals, and syndicate offerings directly to investors – only with Percent Underwriter.

By underwriters, for underwriters

Since 2018, over $1 billion across more than 500 debt offerings has been written on the Percent platform to establish market standards within private credit.

Now, every debt underwriter can scale their own business with Percent’s proprietary tools for every step in the lifecycle of a private credit deal.

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Access pre-qualified corporate borrowers

Tap into hundreds of prospective corporate borrowers, engage them directly on agreed terms, and raise the debt capital they need on their behalf.

Standardized deal terms, structures, and documentation

Spend less time drafting documents and more time optimizing structures and positioning the credit. Use Percent’s past deals to model new ones, leverage off-the-shelf documentation, and manage an embedded multi-party data room.

Easily market debt offerings to a fast-growing investor base

Instantly solicit interest from thousands of accredited investors – from retail investors to credit funds. Manage a real-time order book to deliver demand-driven terms to borrower clients.

Leverage turnkey servicing and surveillance

Let Percent handle everything post-close so you can focus on your next deal – from automated subscription agreements and statements to custodial services and asset-level surveillance.

Join Percent’s debt underwriting platform built by industry experts.