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Diversify Your IRA with Private Credit and Percent

In today’s unpredictable financial landscape, investors are increasingly looking beyond traditional asset classes to strengthen and diversify their retirement portfolios. One such opportunity lies within the burgeoning sector of alternative investments like private credit. 

This asset class, once only accessible to the ultra high net worth and institutional investors, is experiencing rapid growth and is projected to become a $3.5T market in five years. Percent unlocks the potential of private credit for individual accredited investors, inviting you to diversify your IRA (Individual Retirement Account) with this dynamic asset class.

What is private credit?

Private credit, also known as non-bank lending, encompasses lending activities that occur outside the traditional banking system. Private credit investments involve providing loans to businesses or projects of various sizes, often with terms tailored to their specific needs.

Why consider private credit for your IRA?

  • Enhanced Yield Potential: Private credit investments have historically offered higher yields than traditional fixed-income assets, making them attractive for boosting your retirement savings. 
  • Diversification Benefits: Incorporating private credit into your IRA helps create a well-rounded portfolio by exhibiting low correlation with traditional stocks and bonds to enhance retirement investment diversification.
  • Exclusive Opportunities: Percent gives you access to a world of private credit deals previously only available to institutional investors. Diversify across borrowers, sectors, deal types, and geographies to capture unique investment opportunities.
  • Transparency and Efficiency: Percent brings public-market-like ease and transparency to private credit investing, providing clear insights to help you make informed decisions.

Percent: Your Gateway to Private Credit Investing

Percent is at the forefront of private credit, having facilitated more than $1 billion in transactions across more than 80 borrowers and hundreds of deals. Our platform offers:

  • Attractive Historical Returns: Percent’s deals currently offer a WA APY of 18.53% (as of Feb 29, 2024), with a lifetime WA APY of 13.45%.
  • Efficient Investing: Enjoy typically shorter investment terms (currently averaging 9.5 months on Percent).
  • Broad Diversification: Across deals spanning numerous asset classes and geographies.

Our platform is celebrated for introducing public-market–like efficiencies and transparency to a traditionally opaque asset class. At Percent, accredited investors can explore private credit deals spanning various sectors and regions, alongside specially designed products like the Percent Blended Note and Bespoke Blended Note, which automate portfolio diversification.

Investing Through Your IRA

A self-directed IRA allows investors to broaden their retirement investment options beyond the conventional choices, enabling alternative investment strategies like private credit.

  1. Explore Open Deals: Browse a range of open deals, across asset-based deals, venture debt, corporate loans, or the Percent Blended Notes.
  2. Initiate Your Investment Request: Contact our Investor Relations team, and we’ll work with your custodian to execute the investment for your interested minimum investment size and minimum desired APY.
  3. Digital Signing: Once an investment request is accepted, a subscription agreement will be sent to you for digital signing to secure your allocation request.
  4. Ongoing Support: Monitor your investments and track returns using Percent’s investor platform.

Preferred IRA Custodians: Percent partners with Alto, Strata, and Rocket Dollar. We may accommodate other custodians on a case-by-case basis. (It’s important to note that Percent is not an IRA custodian itself.)

Enrich Your Retirement with Private Credit

Enrich your IRA and unlock the power of private credit with Percent. Create a free account today to explore investment opportunities and grow your retirement savings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I work with an IRA custodian not listed as a preferred provider? 

Our preferred providers are Alto, Strata, and Rocket Dollar. We may be able to work with others; please consult our team.

How do I start investing via an IRA?

Contact our Investor Relations Team to begin the process. 

What types of IRAs can I use?

Primarily, self-directed IRAs and Checkbook IRAs are compatible with our platform. For more insights into self-directed IRAs, see here.

How long do fund transfers take? 

Fund transfers typically take 3-5 business days. Ensure ample time before a deal closes. 

Are IRA cash balances eligible for interest on idle cash?

Idle IRA balances on the Percent platform are typically eligible for interest accrual, subject to the terms of individual IRA custodians. 

How can I invest in a Blended Note or a Bespoke Blended Note through an IRA? 

For those interested in these innovative products, our Investor Relations team is ready to assist and facilitate your investment. 

Discover how Percent can transform your retirement savings by integrating private credit into your IRA. Create a free account and take the first step towards a diversified and yield-rich portfolio.

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