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One Investment. Many Opportunities.

Get diversified exposure to private credit in just a few clicks, only with Percent Blended Notes.

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Inside the Percent Blended Note

The Percent Blended Note offers diversified exposure to Percent’s existing platform deals.

Get exposure to multiple notes across different asset classes and geographies, all in a single investment.

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Diversification the Percent Way

Set your desired investment amount and watch your portfolio expand based on our algorithm designed to prioritize diversification and returns.

Powered by Percent

Percent Blended Notes automatically invest in our latest structured notes, all supported by a wide variety of underlying loan and credit products.

Simplified Fees & Minimums

Start your diversified portfolio with minimums as low as $10k – $20k and pay only a 1% management fee.

Start investing in private credit today with Percent Blended Notes