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Use your existing business to power future growth, accessing essential capital with corporate loans supported by the value of your assets or expected cash flows.

Percent’s corporate debt solution suits established lower-middle market companies that can show a strong growth trajectory with predictable operational cash flows. Our corporate loan solution would be repaid from your business cash flows or monetization of your assets.

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Our rates always reflect the current interest rate environment while our terms reflect our understanding of the needs of your growing business. Reach thousands of accredited and institutional investors, the best web-based platform powering the future of private debt markets.

Percent simplifies your path to directly and efficiently accessing accredited investors to secure debt capital at market-clearing rates. Our dynamic pricing is based on a 100% transparent auction system where you control your cost of capital.

Since 2018, Percent borrowers have raised over $1B across 600+ structured products.

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Raise the most flexible, cost-effective debt capital through dynamic market-optimized pricing. Connect directly with Percent, another credit sponsor from the Percent network or bring your own.

Tools for Transparency

Watch your order book build, launch issuances with ease, and track a wealth of near real-time data. Percent’s automated workflows simplify and accelerate capital raising.

Extend Your Team

Amplify your capabilities with our best-in-class team who support you every step of the way. Protect investor satisfaction with Percent’s post-close servicing and reporting.

With Percent, you're in control

Raise the debt capital you need on your terms with Corporate Loans. If you’re looking for growth capital, funding your ongoing operations, financing an acquisition, or refinance existing debt capital with more attractive terms, Percent gives you the platform, tools, and flexibility to make it happen.

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