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Private credit investing, perfected

Percent gives investors exclusive access to the private credit investments, a multi-trillion-dollar asset class. Learn all about this asset class and what it means for your portfolio.

What is private credit?

Private credit is an asset class of privately negotiated loans and debt financing from non-bank lenders. This includes small business and consumer loans, venture debt, and other forms of private debt.

Small businesses, startups, and individuals seek private credit when they cannot access public credit markets.

Why private credit?

Investors find private credit investments to be attractive alternatives or additions to traditional investments - stocks, bonds, and beyond.

Short Term

Deals typically have a maturity of nine months but may return the entire principal and interest in as little as one month, if refinanced.

Higher Yielding

Due to the higher risk assumed by non-bank lending, investors are privy to more attractive interest rates than investments like traditional bonds.

Largely Uncorrelated

Major changes in the stock market generally do not directly affect private credit investments, leading many investors to use it for portfolio diversification.

Why Percent?

Percent makes private credit investments available to investors, while providing a wealth of performance and borrower data to help investors track their investments.

Our due diligence carefully reviews borrower operations, financials, underwriting practices, and loan portfolios, designing structures to reduce the risks transferred to investors.

Invest in private credit

Add the power of private credit to your diversified portfolio and get access to short terms, attractive yields, and largely uncorrelated returns.

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