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Put private credit to work

Percent’s unique marketplace simplifies investment discovery. Institutional investors – including family offices, RIAs, and funds – can access a broad selection of higher yield, short duration, securitized investments.

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Find alpha with low correlation

Experience the difference of the only purpose-built platform dedicated to private credit.

High yields + steady income

Realize recurring cash flow along with returns on your investment. Keep more of your returns with Percent’s low fees.


Invest across different sectors, geographies, and structures to diversify risk.

Data Transparency

Access standardized data and view all underlying financials, including collateral assets and investor protections.
Conduct due diligence and view surveillance reports right on the Percent platform.


Source investments, compare terms, and state your investment parameters. Fund your investment right on the platform.

Performance that speaks for itself

Since 2018, institutional investors have turned to Percent to boost portfolio returns with private credit.

$988M Amount Funded
527 Funded Deals
18.78% Current Weighted Avg APY
1.92% Default Rate
9 Average Investment Term (Months)

Investment options for every portfolio

From active management to passive diversification, find the right investment to meet your needs

Asset-Based Notes

  • SMB Financing
  • SMB Leases
  • Litigation Finance
  • Discounted
  • Receivables
  • Consumer Loans & Advances

Average Duration: 9 months


Invest in high-growth companies by providing short-term financing in between equity funding rounds.

Average Duration: 9 months

Bespoke notes

Bespoke Blended Notes

Tailored investment policy into diversified private credit deals. Fast time to market, shorter lock-up period, and ability to private label.

Average Duration: Varies
(defined by investor)

Percent blended notes

Percent Blended Notes

Diversified exposure to multiple private credit deals in a single investment based on Percent-defined parameters.

Average Duration: Varies
(defined by note)

Partner investing

Limited Partner (LP) Investing

Participate in managed private fund established by a General Partner who sets the fund’s strategy.

Average Duration: Varies
(defined by GP)

Management Team

Nelson Chu

Founder & CEO

Prath Reddy, CFA


Gary Reifman

Chief Product Officer

Jessica Zall

Chief Marketing Officer

Vadim Shteynberg

Chief Technology Officer

Charlie Lienau

Head of Corporate Strategy

Bina Shetty

Head of Client Solutions

Join the modern private credit marketplace

Join a network of institutional and accredited investors finding diversification and yield with Percent.

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