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Percent Blended Notes, Explained 

Percent Blended Notes is your hands-free solution to diversified portfolio management. 

By packaging and professionally managing a variety of private credit products into a single note, PBNs provide investors exposure to multiple borrowers, asset classes, and geographies in one effortless investment.

Effortless Diversification in One Investment

A Percent Blended Note is for investors who want a diversified portfolio of deals without manually deploying capital across individual offerings.

Our proprietary algorithmic allocation process maintains strict discipline around deal concentration, capital deployment, distributions, and cash management over the duration of a Blended Note.

Each PBN has its own investment criteria for exposure across asset classes, borrower types, and geographic regions.

A Complete Private Credit Solution 

Percent Blended Notes are designed to be a turnkey solution for investors seeking broad exposure to private credit. 

In one simple investment, PBNs provide access and transparency into a managed portfolio of debt products – from short-term working capital loans to longer-duration corporate loans – across the full range of credit profiles available on Percent. 

With variable monthly income and a defined 1-3 year duration matched to the underlying assets, PBNs can meet both recurring income and capital preservation investment objectives. 

Algorithmic Portfolio Growth

Your investment in Percent Blended Notes dynamically allocates across a curated selection of private credit deals that meet specific eligibility criteria, ensuring your portfolio is not only diversified but also invested in opportunities with a balanced risk-return profile. This algorithmic approach means you can effortlessly expand your private credit exposure, with the system automatically reinvesting in new qualifying deals to continually optimize your portfolio’s diversification and return potential​​​​.

Priority Access to Percent’s Most In-Demand Deals

An investment in a Percent Blended Note ensures you receive priority access to curated inventory on our marketplace. 

As a PBN investor, every time new deals meeting the eligibility criteria become available, your investment gains first-mover advantage over other capital providers on the platform, even in deals that are oversubscribed

The result is a PBN portfolio with controlled exposure, even within Percent’s most in-demand offerings. 

Uninvested Cash Works For You

Blended Notes ensure your capital always remains productive. Any uninvested cash held in a PBN automatically earns interest while awaiting deployment into new private credit deals. 

Rather than cash dragging on your returns, your dollars stay invested and generate income until efficiently allocated across our marketplace. 

Performance Expectations

Based on historical deal data, Percent Blended Notes target a return of between 10-16% APY net of fees. Expected returns are based on each blended note’s investment criteria, maturity date, and availability of deals.

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Investing Innovation for All

Since 2018, our mission has been to simplify private credit investing through technology. We’ve built a marketplace that makes it easier for individuals and institutional investors to access deals and data previously locked up in opaque, analog markets. 

We introduced Percent Blended Notes to continue to make investing in private credit accessible for accredited investors at all levels and portfolio sizes. Our blended notes have minimums of between $5,000 to $20,000, making them an excellent entry point for investors new to private credit. 

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Customize Your Strategy with a Bespoke Blended Note

For qualified investors seeking complete control over their private credit allocation, Percent offers Bespoke Blended Notes. 

Bespoke Blended Notes provide the same automation and diversification as standard PBNs, while allowing you to customize the investment criteria, objectives, and terms. Work directly with our team to configure eligibility filters, concentration limits, and portfolio construction guidelines tailored to your specific investment mandate. Bespoke Blended Notes start at a minimum investment of $500,000.

If you’re interested in learning more about Bespoke Blended Notes, please reach out to our team

Past performance does not guarantee future results. Investing in private securities involves risk, including loss of principal. Only invest what you can comfortably afford to lose. Percent Blended Notes are only available to accredited investors. Carefully review the PBN offering documents for details on risks, fees, and investment objectives before investing. This article does not constitute investment advice.

Your Private Credit Portfolio, Automated

Dive into the world of Percent Blended Notes and seamlessly enhance your portfolio with diversified, quality private credit deals tailored to your investment strategy.