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Introducing Interest on Idle Funds

Welcome to 2024, a pivotal year for Percent and our community of accredited investors. We’re thrilled to announce the single most requested feature to Percent: interest earnings on idle funds in your Percent account – a step that continues to elevate your investing experience.

Ready, Set, Earn!

Imagine having your funds primed for quick action while they steadily grow – that’s what enhanced cash readiness is all about. Beginning February 1, 2024, idle funds in your Percent account are not just sitting; they are actively earning a competitive interest rate. This means your money is always ready to be deployed into promising deals without missing out on potential growth.

Leading the Charge in Interest Rates

In today’s financial landscape, a 2.5% interest rate on accessible idle funds is not just good; it’s exceptional. It stands at a staggering 35x the national average for interest checking accounts and 5.3x the national average for savings accounts. For money market accounts, we’re talking about a 3.8x higher rate. This competitive edge positions your Percent account as your continued partner for financial growth. 

Interest on your Percent account’s cash balance is calculated using the simple interest formula, ensuring clarity and transparency in every aspect of your earnings. 

Responding to Your Needs

This new feature is a direct response to what you, our valued investors, have been asking for. By introducing interest on idle funds, we’re not just enhancing your investment experience; we’re also showing our commitment to listening and responding to your needs.

Maximizing Your Financial Potential

Earning interest on your idle funds signifies more than just additional earnings; it’s about enhancing your overall financial strategy. This feature puts your money to work for you even when it’s awaiting investment in upcoming deals. It’s a seamless blend of flexibility, security, and potential, all in one account.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is the interest calculated? Interest is calculated monthly using the simple interest formula and is compounded monthly.
  • Are there any additional fees associated with this feature? No, there are no additional fees charged to investors for holding cash in their Percent accounts and earning interest.
  • Is there a minimum balance required to earn interest? There is no minimum balance required. All idle funds in your account will earn interest.
  • How do I know that my money is safe? Your funds are protected by FDIC insurance and are distributed among IntraFi’s network of bank partners, ensuring security even in the unlikely event of Percent’s insolvency.

Read all of the Interest FAQs.

Deposit funds into your Percent account today so you are ready to deploy the moment a new deal hits the platform. With our new interest-earning feature, every moment your money spends in your account is an opportunity for growth.

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This content is for informational purposes and should not be taken as financial advice. Consult a financial advisor for personalized investment strategies. Percent is not a bank. Certain services are offered through our partner, Flagstar Bank, a Member FDIC. See our terms & conditions for more information.

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