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Empowering Main Street: The Smarter Merchant’s Note Program on Percent

Uplifting Main Street through Strategic Financing

In the bustling heart of America’s economy, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) stand tall as the pillars of Main Street. The Smarter Merchant (TSM), headquartered in New York, has been a key player in energizing these businesses since 2013. With a focus on data-driven insights and technology, TSM extends its support across varied sectors, such as healthcare and retail, significantly contributing to the sustainability and growth of local enterprises. 

TSM & Percent: Fuelling SMB Growth

The 2020 partnership between TSM and Percent has been fruitful, channeling essential funds into the lifeblood of America’s economy – its Main Street businesses. This collaboration highlights the potential of strategic financing in uplifting SMBs. 

The Inaugural Note Program

The launch of TSM’s inaugural short-term note program on Percent’s platform was a key step in providing accessible financing to SMBs. This program offers an opportunity for Percent investors to engage in a diversified portfolio of SMB financings originated by TSM. While past performance is not indicative of future results, the initial success of this program has been noteworthy in its contribution to the growth and stability of numerous SMBs. 

The Impact: Broadening Horizons

TSM’s presence on Percent has been a story of remarkable growth and impact. Starting with a $1.5M note in November 2020, the program has evolved to issue more than $164 million as of January 2024, with a weighted average rate of 15.23%. This expansion has not only reduced TSM’s capital costs but also broadened their ability to support a diverse array of small businesses. 

Investment with Considered Impact

Investing in TSM’s notes represents an opportunity that goes beyond traditional asset classes. However, investors should be aware of the risks associated with such investments, including market and credit risks, by reading the full offering details carefully. 

  1. Diverse Portfolio Exposure: TSM’s notes offer a unique asset class, diversifying investment portfolios. 
  2. Historical Performance: It’s important to remember that past performance does not guarantee future results. Historically, TSM’s consistent track record and robust underwriting process have demonstrated strong performance. 
  3. Potential Returns: The latest TSM note (as of Jan 2024) is syndicating in the 17.00-18.00% APY range. The weighted average APY across all TSM’s historical notes is 15.23%, though this is not indicative of future performance. 
  4. Supporting SMB Growth: Each investment in TSM’s notes has the potential to contribute to the growth of Main Street businesses, fostering local economies. 

A Program for Main Street’s Prosperity 

The Smarter Merchant, backed by Percent investors, extends beyond mere business financing; it nurtures the aspirations of local entrepreneurs and communities. Investing in TSM’s notes on Percent’s platform offers an avenue for higher potential yields and portfolio diversification, but investors must read the full offering details carefully to make informed decisions. 

For a detailed understanding of TSM and their impact on Main Street America, explore The Smarter Merchant’s borrower profile on Percent. Here, investors can find comprehensive information on current and past notes offered by TSM. 

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