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How to Roll Over an Investment on Percent

The rollover functionality on Percent allows investors to reinvest principal and interest for maturing or called investments.

For investments that are eligible to roll over, a button will appear next to the investment in your portfolio page several days before the current investment matures or is called. Upon clicking Rollover, you will be taken to the investment form for the new offering from the same borrower.

In addition to any cash balance, your investable balance will contain a new line – Projected Payment. Your Projected Payment is the final expected payment from your current investment that you can roll over into the new offering. Note that you can choose to roll over less than this amount or more than this amount, up to your total investable balance, subject to any minimum and maximum investment amounts of the offering.

How to roll over a single investment*

  • Clicking on the Rollover button from the portfolio page takes you to the investment form for the new offering.
  • Your Investable Balance is the total amount available to you for roll over, which includes a combination of the projected payment of your investment along with any cash balance in your Percent account.

*Note: If you have multiple investments available to roll over, you can choose to roll over each investment separately. In some situations, you may be able to roll over a single investment into multiple new offerings. In these instances, you will be prompted to choose which offering to roll into, and may roll into one or more offerings up to your investable balance.

Investment allocations are finalized once an offering closes. At close, you will receive an email notification informing you of how much of your investment request can be fulfilled based on the total demand for the offering. We will not roll over your investment into another offering without your request. If you aren’t interested in rolling over your investment, simply wait until the investment matures or is called, and any remaining principal and interest payments will be distributed.

If you have any questions regarding the rollover process on Percent, our investment process or oversubscriptions please feel free to contact our Customer Success team. They are always here to help. You may also find the blog posts on How to Invest on Percent and How Oversubscriptions Work helpful as you invest on the platform.

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