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Your Portfolio at a Glance

At Percent, we believe data access and transparency are vital to investors’ financial wellbeing. While we expand our offerings and streamline our investment process, we also realize investors’ needs for greater insights into their past and present transactions on Percent.

Investors can now access a more detailed and personalized portfolio page. This new page gives you a comprehensive look into your private credit portfolio, helping you understand your investments and activity.

How to Read Your Portfolio Page

The new Portfolio page is composed of five sections, each providing insight into your investment activity.

Portfolio Composition: Get a bird’s-eye graphical view of the asset classes in your Percent portfolio. See the makeup of your portfolio between consumer loans, corporate loans, and other asset classes you invested in.

Investable Balance: See your funds available to invest. (Note: Your total balance available to invest is equated to cash minus pending investments and withdrawals.)

Statistics: Get a snapshot of your total number of investments, total interest earned, and interest earned year-to-date.

Recent Activity: View your most recent banking transactions on Percent.

Investments: Get a more detailed view of your investments, including initial investment amount, current principal outstanding, and total interest received. You can also filter, sort, and quickly access deal details, borrower overview, and surveillance reports for each investment. (Note: We will also be launching a new interest forecasting feature to replace accrued interest over the coming weeks.)

To see your expanded portfolio page, click the button below to login and get started.

Have thoughts about our new portfolio page? We’d love your feedback.

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