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Webinar Replay: Navigating Life Settlement Investments with Aspen Alpha Advisors

Explore the life settlement market with Aspen Alpha Advisors. Gain expert insights into the Mondial Life Fund and investment strategies that could align with your financial goals. Hosted by Paola Rios of Percent, alongside Aspen Alpha’s experienced fund managers, this session provided a comprehensive overview and audience Q&A with Aspen Alpha Advisors’ leadership.

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Download the slides used in this presentation.

About Aspen Alpha Advisors

As alternative asset managers operating exclusively in the life settlement market, Aspen Alpha Advisors’ investment strategy is to maximize performance seeking stable, double-digit returns while using data-driven proprietary modeling. They do not have a specific set of criteria they need to meet before considering a policy for their portfolio as they want to review all potential policy inventory. 

Aspen Alpha Advisors factors areas of the investment market that other investors do not often consider, which in current markets include small face, impaired lives, large face, and policies with a large spread in life expectancies. They do not rely on actuarial averages alone to determine the fitness of an individual policy, and whether it will provide stable returns for their portfolio. Aspens’ core investment approach is a proprietary quantitative model that analyzes both the policy and the mortality components of a policy investment.

Read more about Aspen Alpha Advisors in their Underwriter profile.

About the Mondial Life Fund

Mondial Life Fund’s objective is to generate returns on invested capital that are uncorrelated to traditional investments while minimizing principal risk. To do so, the Fund intends to deploy its capital into a portfolio of in-force life insurance policies. The Fund acquires policies or interests in policies that meet its specifications on a continuing basis. The policies may be held until maturity or sold into the life settlement marketplace. The manager of the Fund intends to reinvest the net proceeds of matured or sold policies on an ongoing basis from the inception of the fund, provided all fund liabilities have been paid and subject to adequate reserves.

Read more about Mondial Life Fund in the Percent investor portal.

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