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Webinar Replay – Exploring Percent’s Innovative Blended Note Offering

If you missed our latest webinar introducing the Percent Blended Note, watch the full video replay now. Get caught up on how this innovative product can simplify private credit investing with automated diversification across multiple deals in one turnkey offering. 

Download the slide deck from this webinar.

Revisit key topics covered:

  • Effortless Diversification: Understand how PBNs provide broad exposure across various asset classes and geographies with a single investment.
  • Algorithm-Driven Portfolio Growth: Learn about the proprietary algorithm that strategically grows your portfolio by allocating investments across the most promising opportunities.
  • Priority Access: Gain insight into how investing in PBNs offers priority access to Percent’s most in-demand deals, ensuring first-mover advantage.
  • Audience Q&A: Revisit the extended Q&A session, going in-depth on the PBN, Percent, and private credit. 

Dig Deeper Into Percent Blended Notes: Our in-depth guide explores everything you need to know about the Percent Blended Note. Learn about the investment strategy, benefits for your portfolio, and more about this specialized private credit solution. 

Invest in Diversification

Closing February 29th - Explore our currently syndicating Percent Blended Note and seize the opportunity to enhance your portfolio with targeted 10% - 16% net returns.