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(Webinar Replay) Carloha & Hi2: Unlocking Opportunity in Nigeria’s Auto Market

Gain valuable insights from our recent webinar exploring a private credit investment opportunity with Carloha in Nigeria’s auto market, featuring insights from Percent and Hi2 Global. 

Download the slide deck from this webinar.

Watch the recording to uncover:

  • Strategic Partnership Insights: Discover the unique collaboration between Hi2 Global and Carloha, and how it’s fueling innovation in the auto market.
  • Market Growth & Potential: Explore the trends driving the auto sector and the strategic opportunities for investors in this high-growth environment.
  • Deal Analysis: Learn about Carloha’s latest deal terms, security features, and the key advantages presented by this vehicle-backed investment.

Discover the potential of the auto market and how experienced investors are capitalizing on it.

This 16.00% – 18.00% APY deal is open for investment until March 28, 2024. Check out the details of this deal on Percent.

About Carloha

Learn more about Carloha in their Borrower profile.

About Hi2 Global

Hi2 Investment Management specializes in private credit deals offering attractive returns within the global consumer credit and car dealer inventory sectors. Their expertise in underwriting, combined with their extensive experience in emerging markets, uniquely positions them to identify and capitalize on high-potential deals like Carloha. Hi2 Global’s commitment to alternative credit strategies delivers exciting opportunities for diversified portfolios.

Learn more about Hi2 Global in their Underwriter profile.

View this deal on Percent

This 16.00% - 18.00% APY deal is open for investment until March 28, 2024.