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(Webinar Replay) Trade Finance – Discover Diversification with Garvy & TradeBacked

Gain valuable insights from Percent’s webinar exploring asset-backed investing in the global trade finance space with Garvy International and TradeBacked.

Download the slide deck from this webinar.

Watch the recording to uncover:

  • The Trade Finance Landscape:  Learn about the challenges faced by SMEs in emerging markets and how TradeBacked’s specialty solutions bridge those financing gaps.
  • The Garvy-TradeBacked Partnership: Discover the factors that made Garvy International an ideal partner for TradeBacked, the specific terms of the GRV1 2024-1 deal, and embedded risk mitigation strategies.
  • Investor Perspective: Understand how this asset-backed investment opportunity offered a path toward potential portfolio diversification for accredited investors.

This insightful discussion highlights the potential of trade finance and Percent’s role in democratizing access to this unique asset class.

This 12.00% – 14.00% APY deal is open for investment until April 29, 2024. Check out the details of this deal on Percent.

About Garvy International

A dynamic player in the global commodity trading market, Garvy International specializes in a wide range of products, from metals to pharmaceuticals. With a robust network facilitating trade across major markets like Asia and Europe, Garvy emphasizes strong supplier relationships and high-quality service to ensure client satisfaction and business growth.

Learn more about Garvy in their Borrower profile.

About TradeBacked

TradeBacked offers specialized non-recourse working capital solutions through innovative financial instruments like inventory buyback and sale-leasebackcontracts. Its mission to close the trade finance gap empowers SMEs worldwide, providing flexible funding options that align with the unique challenges of global commerce.

Learn more about TradeBacked in their Underwriter profile.

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This 16.00% - 18.00% APY deal is open for investment until March 28, 2024.