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(Webinar Replay) Beyond the Pension: Mexi’s Innovative Approach to Retiree Financing

Percent recently hosted a webinar to introduce Mexi, the latest borrower to join Percent, and their novel approach to lending for Mexico’s retirees. Hosted by Percent’s Vice President of IR & Syndication, Paola Rios, and leadership from Mexi and AP Structured Finance, this in-depth discussion explored a consumer finance solution designed for this often-underserved market.

Discover how Mexi empowers an often-overlooked demographic, why APSF backs this opportunity, and how this deal presents an intriguing opportunity for investors.

Download the slide deck from this webinar.

Watch the recording to uncover:

  • Mexi’s Unique Market Position: Uncover Mexi’s strategies for providing financial solutions to Mexico’s retired population and how they stand apart from the competition.
  • Structuring for Success: Analysis from APSF and Mexi on why they believe Mexi’s business model is poised for scale through thoughtful underwriting and collections backing each loan.
  • Insights for Investors: Assess the potential benefits and considerations when diversifying your portfolio with Mexi’s inaugural offering on Percent. 

This recording provides accredited investors with valuable information on Mexi’s model, the support of APSF, and the opportunity to invest in an alternative lending market focused on an important emerging demographic.

This 14.00% – 16.00% APY deal is open for investment until March 5, 2024. Check out the details of this deal on Percent.

About Mexi

Mexi, trading as “Financiería Mexi,” is a premier non-bank consumer finance company in Mexico, focusing on mid- and low-income retirees, pensioners, and governmental employees since 2006. It specializes in mid-term consumer loans, utilizing direct debits and governmental payroll deductions for collections. With equity contributions of $21 million since 2017, Mexi has originated over 70,000 loans totaling more than $100 million. As of June 30, 2023, it maintains a robust monthly origination average of $1.1 million and an outstanding loan portfolio of $55 million. Mexi operates nationwide with about 300 employees across 41 branches in 23 states, offering products like “Mexi Tres” and “Mexi DXN” consumer loans, which are unsecured and covered by life insurance, catering to a broad demographic up to 88 years and 11 months old at loan maturity. 

Learn more about Mexi in their Borrower profile.

About AP Structured Finance

APSF is a Latin American financial group led by a seasoned team of professionals whose mission is to help clients achieve their financing and investment needs. Its team has more than 25 years of experience in the Latin American financial markets and includes members who ran the Latin American structured lending businesses at institutions such as Credit Suisse, Donaldson Lufkin & Jenrette, Barclays Capital, and Bank of America, By providing financial origination and advisory services, APSF helps its clients identify lending business opportunities and structuring financial transactions across various sectors and markets.

Learn more about APSF in their Underwriter profile.

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This 14.00% - 16.00% APY deal is open for investment until March 5, 2024.