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Webinar Replay: Litigation Finance – Heirloom Holdings’ Percent Debut

Thank you for your interest in our recent webinar “Litigation Finance: Heirloom Holdings’ Percent Debut.” Hosted on Thursday, January 11th, 2024, this event offered a comprehensive exploration of Heirloom Holdings’ entry into litigation finance with Percent. 

If you couldn’t attend the live session or wish to revisit the discussions, we’ve got you covered. Watch the replay to delve into: 

  • Heirloom Holdings’ Approach: Learn about Heirloom’s innovative approach to litigation finance, and how they are shaping the future of this asset class. 
  • Details on HLF Litigation Funding Sr. 2024-1: Explore Heirloom’s first deal on the Percent platform, its potential benefits, and what it offers to investors. 
  • Expert Insights from Geoff Dover: Gain valuable insights from Geoff Dover, CFA, President of Heirloom Holdings, on alternative investment solutions and the intricacies of litigation finance. 
  • Interactive Q&A Session: Relive the engaging and informative Q&A session where attendees gained personalized insights into the world of litigation finance and Heirloom’s methodology. 

This webinar is a valuable resource for accredited investors interested in innovative investment opportunities in litigation finance. 

Download the slides used in this presentation.

This 12.00% – 14.00% APY deal is open for investment until January 17th, 2024.

About Heirloom Holdings

Heirloom Holdings specializes in differentiated alternative investment solutions, aimed at sophisticated investors or their advisors. They are adept at identifying and developing niche investments that take advantage of global trends or special situations. Heirloom’s approach is proactive, focusing on opportunities that are typically challenging for most to access or effectively evaluate. Their offerings, integrated into the Percent platform, aim to enhance investors’ portfolios by introducing them to these distinctive investment opportunities.

Learn more about Heirloom Holdings in their Underwriter profile.

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