Cadence Selected to Present at the Second Security Token Summit in Bermuda

The Government of Bermuda welcomed entrepreneurs, attorneys and investors from 14 countries for its Second Annual Security Token Summit on March 18-19. Along with government support, the Blockchain Token Association (BTA) partnered with the Bermuda Business Development Agency (BDA) and Fintech Bermuda to host the event.

As the concept of asset tokenization continues to gain traction, the Bermudan government has remained at the forefront of regulatory development. Through continued collaboration, the nation hopes to develop a dynamic set of standards and protocols that others can emulate around the world. In bridging the gap between industry players, groups like the BTA hope to accelerate the growth of digital assets.

Along with Securitize and tZero, Cadence was the only other issuance platform invited to present. In front of a crowd of over 120 attendees, the company was also the only one to provide a live demo of its platform. This gave those in attendance an inside look at its innovative approach to token issuance.

While many others in the space continue to pursue tokenization in a general sense, Cadence has honed in on a specific asset class – private credit. Already visible on Etherscan, the company’s previously issued unique tokens represent the beginning of a fundamental shift in securitization. With the growth of private credit poised to continue in the face of low-yielding government debt, the company is well-positioned. Investors will undoubtedly continue to seek out high-yield alternative investments. In bridging the gap between blockchain technology and conventional private credit products, Cadence is poised to transform a once opaque and inefficent market. 

[This archived post was released at a time when Percent was formerly known as Cadence.]

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