Cadence CEO Nelson Chu Headlines Panel at the ON:chain19 Inaugural Conference

The inaugural ON:chain19 conference brought together leaders in technology, finance, venture capital, government, regulation, and academics on May 23. Exploring how financial markets will be disrupted in the near-term, these leaders presented in front of an audience representing both financial professionals and investors.

Invited to the conference as a headline speaker, Cadence CEO Nelson Chu took part in a panel moderated by Gene Massey, CEO of MediaShares. Joining them on stage were David Howie from Tellus Title, Kristina Bruhahn from CoinGenius, and Robert Haastrup-Timmi from Blockchain Company. The panel thoroughly explored the potential for blockchain to disrupt real estate and finance.

As one of only two companies at the conference looking to disrupt traditional financial services, Cadence was able to offer a unique perspective on the panel. Nelson spoke about how securitization in financial services would benefit tremendously from being on a permissioned ledger, and how efficiencies could be captured for each counterparty.

He also spoke on the biggest challenge to digital securitization – the adoption of blockchain technology. According to Nelson, adoption is best achieved by providing a product people want within a seamless user experience. This is crucial to ensure potential users don’t shy away from the technology out of fear of the unknown. This is an especially important consideration when it comes to investors’ hard-earned money.

He then shared how Cadence is seeking to streamline the securitization of private credit by handling all components of the issuance process on its proprietary platform. While others typically focus on only one part of the process, Cadence is banking on the popularity of a streamlined approach to digital securitization.

Other ON:chain19 speakers included notable regulators such as Commissioner of the SEC, Hester Peirce, and Assistant United States Attorney, Puneet Kakkar.

[This archived post was released at a time when Percent was formerly known as Cadence.]

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