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Webinar Replay: Vrde’s Inaugural Journey with Celeres on Percent

Delve into the details of Vrde Group’s new partnership with Celeres Capital in this pre-recorded webinar highlighting the newest deal to syndicate on Percent. Hosted by Paola Rios, Vice President, Underwriting & Syndication at Percent, the webinar features a fireside chat with Ken Aseme, Managing Partner of Verde, and Chris Valentine, Senior Managing Partner of Celeres Capital.

Exploring the intricacies of personal injury financing and claims acquisition, this webinar offers investors an opportunity to assess this unique investment opportunity underwritten by Celeres Capital.

View the deal, open for investment on Percent until August 9th.

About Vrde

Vrde Group is a provider of medical lien factoring services. Its core offering involves providing advances against accounts receivables for medical services in relation to personal injury claims. Vrde Group purchases medical receivables at a deep discount and collects them at the time of case settlement. Vrde Group’s primary focus is on cases originated in Georgia, specifically the greater Atlanta metro area. Vrde Group’s specialization in this specific geographic region allows it to develop knowledge of the medical and legal landscape in this area, and build relationships with medical providers, attorneys, and other relevant parties.

Read more about Vrde Group in our full borrower overview.

About Celeres Capital Advisors

Founded in 2019, Celeres Capital Advisors is a minority-owned, Puerto Rico-based registered investment advisor. Celeres offers institutional investment solutions via providing tailored growth capital to companies in overlooked markets, often with diverse founders. Celeres industry expertise spans Financial Services, Business Service, and Fintech verticals. In providing capital during its portfolio companies critical development phases, Celeres strives to create the catalysts for future success of such companies.

Learn more about Celeres Capital Advisors in our partnership announcement.

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