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Introducing Aluna Partners

We recently hosted a webinar to learn about Aluna Partners, a third-party underwriter recently added to the Percent platform. This session will provided an overview of the Percent platform followed by a fireside chat with Aluna Partners’ Managing Director, Victor Rivera, and Percent’s Co-Head of Client Solutions, Mike Kendrot, as they looked at Aluna Partners’ underwriting capabilities and expertise, current trends in the markets they cover, an overview of their upcoming private credit offering with Carryt, and a look into their upcoming pipeline of investor offerings. This session will concluded with a live Q&A session from audience members.

The slides from today’s presentation are available to view here.

Aluna Partners’ inaugural deal is open for investment until February 28, 2023.

View Aluna Partners' Inaugural Deal

View the 12.50 - 14.50% APY note from Carryt.