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Celeres Capital Advisors – Focused On Growth Capital for Overlooked Markets 

Since 2019, Celeres Capital Advisors, LLC has provided institutional investment solutions via responsible growth capital to overlooked markets, often with diverse founders. The firm provides asset-backed lending, structured finance, and whole loan principal finance. 

Celeres is a minority-owned registered investment advisor in Puerto Rico. The firm focuses on financial services, business services and fintech, using its entrepreneurial experience to develop tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of their client companies. They act as a catalyst for future success by providing capital during critical development phases, helping firms graduate to a more efficient balance sheet. Celeres has developed a diverse and impactful group of clients, using its network to identify and assist businesses that are positively affecting their community: whether that’s an entrepreneurial trucking business that provides opportunities to previously incarcerated people or a high-growth consumer lender in Puerto Rico focused on providing affordable loans to municipal workers and retirees. 

We are pleased to welcome Celeres Capital to Percent Underwriter, along with their inaugural note for Vrde Group. The addition of Celeres provides another underwriting option for borrowers on our platform and increases the diversity of offerings available to Percent investors. 

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