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Webinar Replay: Diving into TradeBacked’s Innovative Financing

TradeBacked recently joined us once again to introduce a new deal to the Percent platform. The presentation, hosted by Charlie Lienau of Percent, explored FirstTrade’s dynamic inventory financing opportunity, underwritten by TradeBacked. Co-Founders of TradeBacked participated in a fireside chat and audience Q&A to explore how this deal was sourced and underwritten.

View the deal, open for investment on Percent until August 9th.

A copy of the slides used during the presentation are available for download here.

About TradeBacked

Founded in 2022, TradeBacked is a recently-formed specialty finance company providing inventory financing through inventory buyback and sale leaseback contracts with entities in the United States, occasionally to U.S.-based subsidiaries of non-U.S. companies, in regions that include Asia, Europe, the United States, and the MENA region. 

The Underwriter is not a lender, nor do they provide loans. Rather, together with its affiliates, the Underwriter acquires inventories and either leases this inventory back to clients for a monthly rent or sells an option to repurchase this inventory to the client.

About FirstTrade

FirstTrade Global LLC is a Delaware LLC and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dubai based FirstTrade Global DMCC(“FirstTrade Parent”), itself founded in 2020. 

FirstTrade Parent is an international trade house of diverse commodities and products, transacting in business across the globe, with a focus on customers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), India, Africa, the UK, Hong Kong, Denmark and Singapore. The company is headquartered in the UAE and has 16 employees. They are primarily focused on both ferrous & non-ferrous metals, minerals, ores and polymers. Their mission is to assist customers with their sourcing and supply chain management needs by providing quality materials, on time deliveries, tailored solutions and flexible terms. Their products include: steel and steel products, copper, aluminum, zinc, agri products and crude oil.

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