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Webinar Replay: Exploring Fiberight’s Debut with NTV on Percent

Percent’s Paola Rios (VP, IR & Syndication), recently hosted a webinar unveiling Fiberight and New Technology Ventures’ (NTV) new offering.

During the session, panelists Nick Thompson, Chris Whalen, and Joe Martoccia explored private credit, the market dynamics surrounding sustainable waste management, and shared a glimpse of how this unique collaboration aims to address environmental challenges through a private credit lens.

View this deal, open for investment until October 30th at 12 PM ET.

Download a copy of the slides from this presentation here.

Watch the Fiberight overview shared during the presentation here.

About Fiberight

Founded in 2009, Fiberight Ltd., is an operator of a material recovery facility (MRF), specializing in recycling and processing diverse waste from residential, commercial, and industrial sources, transforming these organic materials into valuable resources like renewable chemicals and sustainable products.

Read more in our deep dive into Fiberight.

About the New Technology Ventures

Founded in 2015, New Technology Ventures is a US-based venture capital firm active in developing, launching, and investing in promising opportunities and disruptive solutions addressing meaningful unmet market needs. New Technology Ventures focuses on market areas such as cybersecurity, software, and healthcare information technology.

Learn more in our partnership announcement.

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