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New Technology Ventures Invests in Early Stage, Disruptive Companies

Percent is excited to announce that venture capital firm New Technology Ventures (NTV) has joined our platform as an underwriter. Founded in 2015, NTV develops, launches, and invests in promising opportunities and disruptive solutions, meeting unmet needs in the market with a focus on cybersecurity, software, and healthcare information technology.

NTV acts as both a founder and funder of portfolio companies. NTV drives value by combining the development and execution of rapid-growth business plans, disciplined application of capital to fuel growth, and accelerated exit time frames for its investments.

NTV’s inaugural underwriting offering on Percent is Fiberight, a United Kingdom-based material recovery operator, specializing in water-based recycling. 

How NTV builds a growth portfolio while reducing risk

NTV evaluates potential portfolio investments based on four key success factors.

  • NTV seeks to invest in and build companies commercializing technologies and technology-enabled services addressing major unmet needs in one or more large markets. 
  • The firm seeks solutions involving technology with a clear and efficient path to commercialization and value creation. NTV prioritizes technology that can be readily proven and seeks to minimize risks such as uncertain, open-ended scientific experimentation, as well as uncertain regulatory obstacles.
  • NTV focuses on opportunities where substantial value can be generated with rational amounts of capital, and where follow-on investment can support sustained revenue growth through an exit.
  • Leaders at NTV have been founders and entrepreneurs themselves, thus understanding the business model, strategy, team, and capital needed for a startup to succeed. NTV invests at the earliest stages, even launching companies itself, and continues to invest as value is created and risk is reduced.

A commitment to partner with great teams to build great companies

NTV’s investment and operating philosophy are based on the core belief that the best results are obtained by maintaining a clear commitment to collaborating with entrepreneurs, management teams, and other leaders involved in the process of building a successful business. NTV operates with an active, hands-on approach to formulating strategies, building teams, and providing guidance to support each portfolio company. The firm strongly believes that each opportunity is unique and that careful attention must be made to ensure the right business model, team, and plan to execute successfully. 

Percent is delighted to welcome NTV to its Underwriter platform.

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