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Webinar Replay: Bringing Alternative Investments to Market

On June 17th, executives from Collectable, Christina, and Vincent joined Percent for an informative roundtable discussion and Q&A about the foundations of our respective companies, our executives’ views on the future of alternative investments, and what goes on behind the scenes at three distinctly different alternative investing platforms.

Percent Founder and CEO, Nelson Chu, was joined by Adam Rosenkranz (Director of Asset Management, Christina) and Ezra Levine (CEO, Collectable) in a captivating discussion moderated by Eric Cantor (CEO & Co-Founder, Vincent). The webinar gave attendees a behind-the-scenes perspective from the platforms changing the face of finance, how these alternative asset companies came to be, weathered the last two years, and what they see happening in the space in the years to come.

You can revisit the entire webinar below.

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