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Download: Venture Debt – The Alternative’s Alternative

As uncertainty rises in the venture capital world, more private companies and alternative investors are turning to venture debt as the investment de rigueur. With benefits for companies and investors alike, this asset class can help future industry mainstays continue their growth during uncertain times, while giving investors earnings potential and an end date within sight.

Prath Reddy, CFA (President, Percent) and Zack Ellison, CFA, CAIA (Managing General Partner & CIO, Applied Real Intelligence (A.R.I.)) hosted a deep dive into the world of venture debt, what it means for investors and companies, and how it can help both pave the way for change.

Key topics covered:

  • Learn the basics of venture debt investing and raising
  • See how venture debt can benefit your company—or your portfolio
  • Get a close look at how Percent and A.R.I. handle venture debt investments on their platforms
  • A live Q&A that answered audience questions on this rising asset class

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