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Raise Debt Capital with Percent

Over the last three years, Percent helped issuers raise over $620 million in capital from our large accredited investors base. After launching over 325 offerings, we worked closely with dozens of our issuer partners to not only help them raise more capital, but to scale and strengthen their businesses.

Today, we are excited to launch Percent for Borrowers, a first-of-its-kind specialized software and service suite tailored for issuers.

Percent for Borrowers simplifies raising capital. Issuers can secure the capital they need to scale for their next stage of growth, review and analyze historical originations to help understand the prevailing pricing, and delve into market data to benchmark against peers — all from a single dashboard. Get a quick glimpse at origination volumes, outstanding balances over time, and much more. This is the first time this level of data has been made available for private credit markets.

Getting Started with Percent

Issuers can register for free on the Percent for Borrowers platform in just a few minutes. Simply enter company information, verify your email address, enter origination details and then upload an initial loan tape. Percent uses this to verify your company and, once complete, unlocks a wealth of powerful tools to help you navigate the private credit market.

Inside the Portal

When you first login to Percent for Borrowers, you will see the Recent Issuance page. This shows recent deals with key attributes including rate, term, size, syndication statistics, and other deal details. You can also compare deals for easier side-by-side analysis.

The Index page displays the weighted average APY percentage of deals priced over time. This provides insights into the prevailing market pricing, and can be further filtered by asset class, borrower type, term, and seniority.

Percent for Borrowers also provides interactive charts displaying Market Data. Here, you can find charts showing Origination Volumes, Historical Outstanding Principal Balances, Outstanding Principal Balances by the Top 10 States, Outstanding Principal Balance by Anticipated Payoff Month, and Outstanding Principal Balance by Days Past Due.

Percent for Borrowers is not just a platform allowing issuers to analyze the market, benchmark against peers, raise capital, and manage their programs. It is a glimpse into our vision of the future of private credit markets, with more features and additions to come that suit the needs of every issuer.

Sign up for Percent for Borrowers today.

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