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Announcing a New Borrower Partnership with Indigoblue

We are excited to announce a new strategic partnership with Indigoblue, a Canadian residential mortgage originator. This is the latest in a series of new partnerships between Percent and growing originators of private credit assets, extending Percent’s capital markets and technology suite to a new geography and asset class.

Established in 2017, Indigoblue is a Toronto-based mortgage loan originator focused on serving borrowers in market segments typically underserviced by traditional financial institutions. Notably, Indigoblue services self-employed borrowers who find themselves often disadvantaged when dealing with banks due to the nature of their income and the manual underwriting typically required to accommodate their loan application. Having made over 350 loans since inception across four Canadian provinces, Indigoblue’s management team carries substantial experience in financial services, particularly with mortgage products in Canada.

“Percent is excited to develop a relationship with Indigoblue as both companies continue to bring overdue improvements to their industries,” says Charlie Lienau, Head of Business Development at Percent. “We are excited to partner with an originator that brings new exposure to both Canada and to the real estate industry as we strive to provide additional diversification opportunities to our investors.”

This new partnership continues to illustrate Percent’s commitment to supporting growing specialty finance originators by seamlessly connecting them with investor capital in search of healthy uncorrelated returns.

“We are thrilled to be the first Canadian alternative residential lender to be featured on Percent’s innovative investor platform.” says Indigoblue CEO Harry Singh. “Both firms share a common goal to provide easier and more transparent access to alternative investments.”

New York-based All Ships Investors LLC acted as a Strategic Advisor in this partnership. All Ships connects mortgage originators and alternative lenders to capital sources tailored to their product, portfolio characteristics, and strategic objectives.

Devin Wicker, Managing Director at All Ships noted that “Being able to combine Percent’s technology and All Ships’ real estate expertise with Indigoblue’s underwriting quality has given us an opportunity to bring a new asset class to retail investors who may not otherwise be able to access this kind of an investment.”

As a financial technology company and alternative investment platform, Percent continues to offer accredited investors largely uncorrelated, transparent, high-yield investment products while providing non-dilutive growth capital to its origination partners. Percent is excited to partner with Indigoblue to continue building an extensive network of best-in-class partners across different corners of the private credit universe.

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