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Percent Delivers for Carryt

Ever think about how your packages get to your doorstep or how goods get to the store shelves? Or wonder about the climate impact of delivery or the people who get the work done? That’s what Carryt thinks about each and every day. 

What role does Carryt play in today’s economy?

Carryt is a technology driven, environmentally conscious, last-mile delivery service for CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) and D2C (Direct to Customer). It currently operates in Colombia and Mexico and is expanding to Brazil. Together, these three countries represent 65% of total Latin American (LatAm) GDP and hold the biggest share of logistics and distribution costs for the CPG industry, since companies active in LatAm make approximately 70% of their revenue delivering to over 2.5m micro convenience stores.

Behind the package

Intently focused on how goods are delivered, Carryt is committed to actively fighting climate change. The firm reached carbon neutrality in 2022, incentivizes drivers to use electric vehicles, and constantly calculates more efficient routes. Not only is this better for the environment, it lowers costs and improves drivers’ efficiency. 

The proprietary geocoding technology and route optimization algorithms that sit at the core of Carryt’s offering provide a significant competitive advantage, cutting clients’ operational costs by up to 35%. A user-friendly platform covers every step of the delivery process, from planning to driver management, real-time delivery control, performance reporting, and customer service. 

Growing the Carryt team

Carryt counts on a fleet of more than 1,000 drivers and is expected to place 236 Uberized micro fulfillment centers and 24 warehouses around its locations by December 2024. Beyond environmental considerations, Carryt takes social issues seriously and works to build a fair and inclusive society. Drivers have access to health, financial, and educational plans to improve their quality of life and opportunities. Carryt is also encouraging women’s employment, with a concerted focus on attracting more female drivers in the coming years. 

Addressing gaps in current logistics solutions

Logistic dynamics are complex and costly. In LatAm, last-mile deliveries represent 54% of the total supply chain costs for a product. Carryt relies on technology and continuous innovation to drive down this expense. Carryt is able to reduce the cost per delivery by up to 35% while maintaining excellent service levels. Their clients and their clients reap the benefits: lower costs and higher satisfaction rates. 

Carryt leverages expertise gained from solving diverse logistical challenges, including developing a solution to route emergency calls in Bogotá, Colombia, the region’s second largest emergency system. This demonstrated the potential for combining cartographic data and sophisticated technology to create efficient optimization algorithms which could be applied to other complex logistical issues.

Understanding the regional difference

Unlike the U.S., where retail is well-established and Walmart and Amazon are delivering all day, every day, retail in Latin America is more fragmented. Major consumer goods companies such as P&G, Colgate-Palmolive, and Unilever make more than 70% of their sales in the more than 2.5 million convenience stores or changarros. 

Catalog sales activity is also intense – there are more than 40 million independent resellers for large transnational companies such as Natura, Amway, Avon, and Herbalife Nutrition.

Taken together, this presents a major operational hurdle for companies operating in the Latin American market. Getting goods to the stores and meeting consumer demands requires efficient last-mile logistics. Carryt is committed to providing this through proper planning, advanced technology, and a rigorous focus on productivity combined with driver and environmental welfare. 

As in other industries, greater automation and artificial intelligence will further reduce costs and decrease human errors. This will require ongoing investment and implementation of complex IT solutions, but will ultimately lead to a more competitive market based on greater operational efficiency.

Additionally, the technology for autonomous cargo vehicles is ready. Local and state governments have authorized pilot implementations in select regions  of the U.S. and in other parts of the world. 2023 will be a transitional year: the massive deployment of these solutions will reduce vehicular accidents and provide better service levels in on-time delivery. 

Carryt and Percent – delivering further, together

Carryt aims to become the largest sustainable last-mile delivery company in LatAm. Their tech-enabled logistics services have delivered real, proven value to customers, powering the company to 25% MoM growth. With Percent, Carryt has broader access to the funding and financial capacity needed to maintain current growth rates and profitability while continuing to meet sustainability thresholds.

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