How to Rollover an Investment on Percent

The rollover functionality on Percent gives our investors optionality with each and every one of their investments. Many of our opportunities are structured to amend and extend upon maturity. For example, when a 1-month offering matures, it can be automatically renewed into an identical structure for the following month. Investors with allocations in an offering slated to mature soon will have priority access to re-invest in the next offering by seamlessly rolling over their proceeds into any new deals issued by the same originator that are maturing on the same dates.

For investments that rollover, you will see a button that appears under the investment in My Portfolio several days before the current investment matures.


Projected Final Value: The projected final value (principal and interest) of the investment you are considering to roll over
Other Investable Balance: The combination of your available cash balance and the principal and interest from other investments from the same originator that are maturing on or before the maturity of this note you are considering to roll over
Other Investment Requests: If you rolled over one investment already, the rollover amount is subtracted from the amount you have available to invest
Total Available Balance: The total available amount you can invest at any given point, factoring all maturing investments, cash available, and other rollover requests

How to rollover a single investment

  • Clicking on Roll Investment allows you to indicate how much you would like to re-invest in the next offering with the same duration. You can invest less, the same, or more than what you invested in the prior offering.
  • Your Total Available Balance is what is available to you for rollover, which includes a combination of the projected final value of your prior investment along with any cash you have in your Percent account

How to rollover multiple investments

  • If there are multiple investments maturing from the same originator on or before the maturity date, you have the opportunity to re-allocate your exposure before maturity
  • Clicking on Roll Investment allows you to indicate how much you would like to re-invest in any one of the next offerings. You can invest less, the same, or more than what you invested in the prior offering.
  • After you make a rollover request from one investment and move on to make a rollover request for a second investment, you will see the Other Investment Request be populated with your first rollover request and your Total Available Balance for rollover will be reduced as a result

You will always be notified on how much of your investment request can be fulfilled based on the indications of interest from other existing investors in your current investments. In both of these scenarios, if you invest more than what you currently are projected to return from principal and interest, you must have these funds available in your account. If you invest anything more than your principal in one offering, your current and future Returns Outstanding from the offering are shifted to Current Principal Invested as these are funds that are now earmarked for the next offering. In this case, you are giving us permission to automatically redeem your investment upon maturity and redeploy the funds into the next investment.

We take no action until you authorize us to rollover your investment in any given offering. If you aren’t interested in rolling over your investment and instead prefer to redeem the investment back into cash, simply wait until the investment matures and redeem back to cash as you normally would. This feature is unique to Percent and provides our investors with the freedom to manage their returns and cash flows on their terms.

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