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Chart of the Week: Evolving Credit Quality


With access to daily data, we strive to provide investors with quality insights into the health and performance of each originator we partner with. This week’s chart of the week is from our daily surveillance report on Cherry Technologies, a leading California-based provider of point-of-sale financing, and helps provide understandings of evolving credit quality over time by showing the weighted average credit score for each month of originations. With ongoing visibility into every loan or advance originated, surveillance reports deliver transparency into the credit worthiness of the underlying borrowers and help uncover any trends in underwriting standards over time. By leveraging this chart, investors are provided with understandable metrics that help them get a strong sense of the quality of assets supporting an originator’s offering and allows them to identify trends and insights in the historically opaque private debt market. Feel free to check out more of our insights in our daily and weekly surveillance reports!


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