Chart of the Week: Aspiria Repayments

Looking for an easy way to see live performance on one of your investments in our STNP offerings? With in-depth visibility into each originator’s production, we provide a real-time view of how collateral repayments directly impact the performance of your investments.

The chart above was taken from our surveillance reporting on Aspiria and highlights our ongoing monitoring of repayments for the offering.

As shown above, the projected deal value is the expected principal and interest from the note offering. Participated payments are collections from underlying debtors and represent the portion that is applied towards the repayment of our note.

In simple terms, when the green line intersects with the blue line, Aspiria has collected sufficient repayments to pay off the full interest and principal upon maturity of the note. This ongoing surveillance allows you, as an investor, to better monitor the timeframe for which sufficient repayments have been received to repay the full principal and interest on your investment.

Aspiria’s surveillance report is published weekly and available here.

Lucas Keefer
Lucas Keefer
Senior Associate
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