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Private Credit Market Insights: Growing Demand and Access

Expert Panel Discusses the Future of Private Credit

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Explore the dynamic world of private credit in this webinar replay. In a panel discussion hosted by Coalition Greenwich, hear from industry leaders as they discuss the surging demand for private credit, the role of technology, and strategies for accessing this high-potential asset class. 

Key discussion points include: 

  • Market Outlook: Expert predictions on the future of private credit.
  • Evolution of Private Credit: How the market has transformed in recent years.
  • Transparency & Technology: The impact of innovation on accessibility and due diligence and how platforms like Percent are leading the way.
  • Underwriting & Risk Management: Strategies for mitigating risk in private credit investments. 
  • Expanding Access: How private credit is becoming more accessible to both institutional and retail investors.

Panelists include Bryan Pham from Percent, Steve Larsen from Columbia Advisory Partners, Aaron Rosen from AOG Institutional Fund, and Paul Ghaffari from Pursuit.

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About Percent

Percent is a leading fintech platform democratizing access to private credit for accredited investors. We offer a curated selection of private credit investments, providing transparency, due diligence, and streamlined access to this burgeoning asset class.

Discover the Power of Bespoke Blended Notes

Percent’s Bespoke Blended Notes offer a unique opportunity for sophisticated investors to gain exposure to a diversified portfolio of private credit investments tailored to their specifications. With a minimum investment of $500,000, BBNs provide:

  • Effortless Diversification: Automated, algorithm-driven diversification across multiple asset classes and geographies.
  • High Yield Potential: Access to private credit deals with attractive yields.
  • Customized Investment Criteria: Personalized parameters for concentration limits, eligibility criteria, and investment durations.
  • Operational Efficiency: Streamlined processes from investment creation to launch within two weeks.
  • Ongoing Performance Monitoring: Comprehensive portfolio management tools and full transparency.

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