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Webinar Replay: Introducing SITG’s Peregrine Income Fund

Percent’s Paola Rios (VP, IR & Syndication), recently hosted a webinar delving into the realm of multifamily real estate with leaders from SITG Capital Partners. The panel unveiled a new opportunity available on Percent – the Peregrine Income Fund. Hosted by Paola Rios, Joseph Fisher and Luis Cortez from SITG Capital explored this new curated real estate investment venture, now open for investment on Percent.

During the session, panelists gave an insider’s view of SITG’s unique approach to multifamily real estate investments and the strategy behind the Peregrine Income Fund’s returns target. The interactive fireside chat explored the fund’s investment strategy, the types of properties in focus, and how rising mortgage rates may steer the fund’s direction.

View this deal, open for investment until October 30th at 12 PM ET.

Download a copy of the slides from this presentation here.

About SITG Capital Partners

SITG is a private real estate investment firm that acquires, operates, manages, and liquidates multifamily real estate assets on behalf of its principals and investment partners. SITG offers investments in single assets, funds, and direct co-investment opportunities to high-net-worth individuals, family offices, and institutions.

Read more about SITG Capital Partners on their underwriter profile page.

About the Peregrine Income Fund

The Peregrine Income Fund’s objective is to acquire, enhance value, manage, and liquidate multifamily properties acquired below replacement costs in what the Underwriter believes are attractive markets with operational challenges, capital needs, and value-add potential. The Fund targets assets in the following metropolitan statistical areas: Atlanta, Austin, Charleston, Charlotte, , Dallas, Houston, Kansas City, Raleigh, Oklahoma City, Orlando, Phoenix, San Antonio, Tampa, Tulsa, with a focus on Texas cities. New target markets may be considered if they meet the investment criteria and exhibit the appropriate safety characteristics.

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