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Webinar Replay: Pi Capital’s New Deal and the Impact of Consumer Lease-to-Own Financing

This webinar introduced Pi Capital, a cross-border financial services firm, to the Percent platform and their latest underwritten deal with Community Finance, a specialist in consumer installment loans.

The speakers delved into the world of underserved financial markets, Pi Capital’s innovative underwriting approach, and explored how Community Finance’s lease-to-own model caters to an underserved market segment.

Attendees had the opportunity to hear firsthand from Pi Capital’s leaders about their strategic partnership and vision and had their questions answered during the interactive Q&A session.

View the deal, open for investment on Percent until July 13th.

About Pi Capital

Founded in 2015, Pi Capital and its affiliates include a US-registered broker-dealer and a cross-border financial services firm, specializing in providing strategic advice and access to private capital. Pi Capital has developed relationships with global credit funds, banks, sovereign wealth funds, private equity firms, insurance companies, and family offices. Pi Capital provides strategic services to specialty lenders and financial technology companies operating in financial marketplaces that have been underserved by established lenders. Pi Capital also assists traditional financial institutions in repositioning their balance sheets and pursuing growth through new strategic or institutional partnerships.

Learn more about Pi Capital in our announcement.

About Community Finance

Founded in 2008, Community Finance is a financial services firm that specializes in offering consumer installment leases to individuals, providing lease-to-own options for a wide range of consumer products, including jewelry, electronics, furniture, pets, automotive accessories and other consumer products. Community Finance specializes in operating within the tier 2 (near prime) lease-to-own credit segment, catering to customers with “near-prime” credit scores. Community Finance benefits from a network of over 8,000 merchants spanning 46 states, providing lease financing solutions.

Learn more about Community Finance in our in-depth article.

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