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Pulpi Completes First Offering on Percent

We are excited to announce the closing of Pulpi’s initial private credit offering on the Percent platform. The Mexico-based digital platform is the latest company to join a roster of tech-forward companies sharing Percent’s vision of transforming private capital markets into a more open, equitable ecosystem. With $385,000 raised from 56 investors at an APY of 11.50%, Percent investors have collectively gained exposure to Pulpi’s Mexican payroll deductible loans portfolio.

Established in 2020, Pulpi is a financial digital platform providing flexible financial solutions through payroll deductible loans and earned wage advances to Mexican employees. Their unique and proprietary technological integrations help companies provide financial flexibility to their employees through a hybrid of earned wage access, payroll deductible loans, and bill pay services. In just over two years, Pulpi partnered with over 300 employers to offer payroll plans to hundreds of thousands of employees.

Pulpi’s introduction comes at a pivotal time for Mexico-based employees. The country has over fifty million formal employees, yet only 3% have access to services like Pulpi. Given how 80% of Mexicans suffer from undue financial stress and lack access to affordable and convenient liquidity solutions, Pulpi is working rapidly to address this gap, forming partnerships with employers in the private sector to offer their services as an employee benefit.

“Our work with Percent is further proof of the success of our payroll deductible loan product,” says Carlos Ramirez, Co-Founder and CEO of Pulpi. With Percent, Pulpi can now offer our loans to more clients, giving more employees and their rosters flexible financial solutions they never had before.”

Pulpi is the latest borrower to utilize Percent’s Borrower suite, accessing flexible, low cost of capital from our broad investor network. With over $950 million invested on Percent, there has never been a more efficient way to raise debt capital for a loan portfolio.

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