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Press Release – Cadence Launches The First-Of-Its-Kind Tokenized Debt Security

Cadence leverages distributed ledger technology to securitize and digitize fixed income products. The platform provides a lower cost of capital to financing originators and opens access to private credit investment opportunities for investors of all sizes.

New York – January 2, 2019 – Cadence, the leading investment platform for digital debt securities, has successfully funded and issued the first-ever tokenized fixed income product. This inaugural issuance is in partnership with a marketplace lender extending working capital to e-commerce merchants.

“We are structuring private, bespoke debt opportunities supported by diverse cash flows from alternative assets,” says Nelson Chu, CEO of Cadence. “Digitization of debt is optimal because we can easily standardize and reuse the smart contract templates for each structured debt offering we tokenize. This cuts down on back office costs and lets us pass on these savings in the form of higher yields for our investors.”

This marks a first for digital assets. Security tokens have been created for equity ownership in real estate and small businesses, but never for conventional debt instruments. The ability to use distributed ledger technology to unlock assets that were once exclusively reserved for institutions is a major step forward for the industry. Cadence facilitates competitive debt financing options for originators by providing them access to a wider array of investors seeking attractive fixed-income returns.

Cadence plans to expand its offerings to include a variety of other private debt opportunities in the coming months. The company will be sourcing deals from originators that specialize in invoice factoring, term loans, litigation financing, and many more.

“The originators we partner with are interested in Cadence because we provide them attractive capital at lower fees on a deal-by-deal basis,” says Jane Yang, Director of Strategy at Cadence. “Originators use Cadence to digitize and securitize their assets, syndicating the investments to our network of investors and securing the capital they need to grow.”

The company will be releasing additional offerings onto the platform as part of its private beta. Investors can sign up today to join the private beta on their website by visiting

About Cadence

Cadence digitizes private debt securities to offer attractive returns for investors at any size. Cadence is using distributed ledger technology to bring transparency, efficiency, and liquidity to private capital markets. The company was founded by Nelson Chu and Jane Yang in 2018.


Lucia Liu
Cadence Group, Inc.

[This archived post was released at a time when Percent was formerly known as Cadence.]

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