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Percent Welcomes Ichthus Capital Partners: A New Chapter in Strategic Investments

Partnering for Innovative and Diverse Investment Opportunities.

Percent is thrilled to announce the addition of Ichthus Capital Partners, a renowned private investment firm from Vancouver, British Columbia, as a new underwriter. This partnership underscores our commitment to diversifying our investment offerings and aligns with our goal of connecting investors with unique opportunities in the private credit market. 

Strategic Investment Focus

Ichthus Capital Partners specializes in commercial-stage companies with innovative technologies in growth sectors across North America. They employ a strategy focused on healthcare and technology, using investment structures designed for long-term value creation. Employing minimally dilutive structures such as senior secured term loans with target investment sizes exceeding $1 million, the firm aims to deliver consistent returns and downside protection to its investor base. 

Leadership and Expertise

The firm is led by Cameron Hui, Founder and Managing Partner, whose experience spans a range of investment structures and sectors. His professional history is marked by significant achievements, including executing transactions over $1 billion of cumulative capital across a wide range of investment structures. Before founding Ichthus Capital Partners, Cameron served on the investment team at CRG, a private credit fund based in New York with over $3 billion in assets under management. Before CRG, he was a member of the healthcare investment banking group at Stifel Nicolaus Weisel, and its predecessor firm Thomas Weisel Partners. 

Track Record and Investments

Ichtthus Capital Partners have invested in six deals to date, with a historical average gross investment return of 16.00-17.00%. They target investments with typical terms of three to five years and coupon rates of 10.00-14.00%. In addition, investments typically include both upfront fees and backend fees, earned when the investment is repaid. These investments span both the US and Canada, with revenues for their portfolio companies increasing on average 25% since their investment. Thus far, there have not been any defaults on the companies they have invested in. 

Of Note: Peper & Pink Inc. 

One of Ichthus’ notable collaborations is with Pepper & Pink Inc., a consumer health and wellness company. This partnership reflects Ichthus’ ability to identify and support growth in diverse sectors. This collaboration has brought innovative health, home, and beauty products to major retailers like Walmart Canada and Rexall, reinforcing Ichthus’ commitment to fostering growth and innovation. Ichthus was excited to support a strong, woman-led management team with deep expertise across sales & marketing, research and development, and supply chain management. 

A Partnership Aligned with Percent’s Vision 

Our collaboration with Ichthus Capital Partners aligns with Percent’s vision of providing diverse and lucrative investment opportunities for our accredited investors. We are excited about the potential this partnership holds for our investors, especially considering the robust security measures and proven track record of success that Ichthus brings to the table.

We warmly welcome Ichthus Capital Partners to the Percent community and look forward to a partnership that will continue to drive innovation and growth in the private credit sector.

Discover more about Ichthus Capital Partners and explore their unique investment opportunities on the Percent platform.

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