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Percent Welcomes Hi2 Global

We are pleased to announce the arrival of Hi2 Global on the Percent platform. As an Investment as a Service (IaaS) global asset allocation platform, Hi2 Global stands out with its tech-enabled approach to asset management and family office services. With a global reach that spans from New York to Beijing and Hong Kong to Singapore, Hi2 Global specializes in allocating capital across private credit funds and early-stage venture funds, both in the US and Emerging Markets.

A Philosophy Rooted in Integrity, Diligence, and Intelligence

Hi2 Global’s investment strategy is built on the pillars of “Integrity,” “Diligence,” and “Intelligence.” These core values are not just ideals but are the driving forces behind their investment decisions and pursuit of returns. Their commitment to integrating the Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI) endorsed by the United Nations reflects their dedication to not just financial returns, but also social and environmental betterment. 

The Principles of Responsible Investment include the following:

  • Job Creation: Portfolio companies recruit and train local staff in developing countries, providing employment opportunities.
  • Financial Inclusion: Portfolio companies provide financial services to the unbanked population.
  • Environmental Protection: Portfolio companies recycle, and reuse used cars to be eco-friendly.

An Impressive Track Record

The expertise of Hi2 Global’s team is evident in their successful Alternative Credit Fund, launched in October 2019. Focusing on private credit in global consumer credit and car dealer inventory, the fund boasts an annualized return of 13.11% (after fees) as of June 2023. This impressive performance has earned them accolades such as the “Hedgeweek 2023 Best Emerging Manager – Credit Hedge Award” and the “Hedgeweek 2023 Best Overall Credit Fund Award – Direct Lending.”

Leadership That Inspires Confidence

The Hi2 Global team is helmed by  CEO Jerry Wang and Managing Director Sandy Xum, both with over 15 years of investment experience. Their collective expertise spans global investments, consumer credit risk management, and institutional client relations, further strengthened by their CFA and CAIA charters. This leadership ensures that Hi2 Global is well-equipped to navigate the complexities of the private credit market.

Looking Ahead: Hi2 Global on Percent

Hi2 Global’s inaugural deal with Carloha is just the beginning of our collaboration. What excites us most about Hi2 Global is not just this single transaction, but the potential their innovative approach and seasoned leadership bring to our platform. We are eager to see the diverse investment choices they will offer Percent investors.

Stay tuned for more developments and offerings from Hi2 Global on the Percent platform. We believe their presence will enhance our investment landscape, offering new and exciting opportunities to our community.

Welcome, Hi2 Global, to an exciting journey ahead on the Percent platform!

Learn more about Hi2 Global in their Underwriter Profile.

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