Cadence’s CEO Nelson Chu on Future of Private Credit Panel at ALTSSV19

Cadence Founder & CEO Nelson Chu was part of the “Future of Private Credit” panel at ALTSSV on Sept. 10 in Mountain View, CA.

Moderated by Rajay Desai, MD at Deloitte, Nelson was joined by Chris Christensen of iCapital Equity, Josh Stein of Harbor, and Michel Del Buono of Jordan Park Group to discuss the traditionally opaque asset class. 

Nelson spoke about the lack of transparency in private credit, and how that leads to mispriced assets and investment opportunities. Also, he said the market has continued to grow substantially as banks have cut back on lending and more non-bank lenders have emerged.

As part of the panel, Nelson spoke about Cadence’s unique position to offer investment opportunities that are in tune with market demands. He discussed why investors have turned to Cadence. “They are seeking out shorter duration and higher-yielding offerings than what exists in the market, especially given the current economic cycle,” Chu said.

Nelson also spoke at length about what sets Cadence apart in this trillion-dollar industry, including the role that real-time data and transparency play in private credit. Ultimately, these features give investors greater comfort by pulling back the curtain on how their investments are performing.

Cadence is doing its part to ensure the future of private credit is transparent, efficient, and even potentially liquid down the line, as real-time data around asset performance potentially enables the pricing of products.

ALTSSV was developed as a local, investor centric and educationally-focused one-day forum on behalf of the CFA Society San Francisco, CAIA Association, CalALTs and Markets Group. Attendees at this year’s event included top tier buyside institutions and VC funds.

[This archived post was released at a time when Percent was formerly known as Cadence.]

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