Cadence’s CEO, Nelson Chu, featured on dlab’s Founder Stories

Cadence founder and CEO Nelson Chu was invited to share his entrepreneurial journey on dlab’s Founder Stories on May 21st. The event was hosted by Paul Saint-Donat, dlab’s Program Manager.

The conversation started off with Nelson breaking down the history of Cadence and the timeline to our recent $100 million issuance milestone. He went on to describe our short-term note program in more detail, including discussing the types of investors that are using the platform currently.  Ultimately, Nelson said, Cadence is “building the Bloomberg of private credit markets.”

While talking about Nelson’s background, he said he feels incredibly fortunate for the past ten years of his career because every phase has led him to this point with Cadence. He said his finance and corporate background forced him to dive into things he initially didn’t like and didn’t have interest in learning, but these skills are what helped him penetrate the fintech space.

The conversation pivoted to Cadence’s ability to be transparent with investors. Nelson highlighted our recent FAT Brands deal in March and how Cadence is recording and displaying transactions on ethereum.

While offering advice to those looking to build a platform, Nelson advised those to go after a market they know well, but also said you’re more likely to have success by “having the sexiest mousetrap.” Cadence’s offerings feature a low minimum investment of $500, and includes shorter durations and competitive yields, all items that are desirable to potential investors.

dlab is a startup accelerator and venture studio exploring new topics in decentralization and blockchain technology. 

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