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Investing through an IRA on Percent

Percent affords accredited investors the opportunity to invest in private credit deals via a custodian IRA. Also known as a self-directed IRA, this investment method allows one to harness the yield-generating power of private credit investments specifically for their retirement. Percent currently works with Alto, Strata, and Rocket Dollar.

Investing via a custodian IRA on Percent is also markedly different than investing as a person or entity. Before you opt to invest this way, you must keep in mind the following:

Percent is not an IRA Custodian, but we will work with your IRA Custodian to fund your Percent account and facilitate your investment request.

Any desired investment using off-platform IRA cash must be requested through email to the Percent Investor Relations team. Investors can browse open deals on Percent and email for investment requests.

It is also worth noting that investment requests made/received prior to a deal’s launch time cannot be honored. Our operations team will reply via email to all investment requests with appropriate next steps and any potential blockers.

You must sign your subscription agreement form

When an investment is approved, you will receive a subscription agreement form via email from DropBox Sign, which needs to be signed and submitted prior to the deal’s funding end date and time. Failure to sign the subscription agreement before the indicated deadline may result in your allocation being left out of the deal. Once the signed agreement is submitted, no further action is required unless stated/requested by the IRA custodian.

Please note: IRA accounts that wish to roll over principal and interest from a prior deal can do so through the platform itself and do not need to email for such a request.

The Percent team is hard at work in improving the IRA investing process on our platform. We aim to make it as seamless and effortless as all other investing types. If you have any questions or concerns on investing via a custodian IRA, please reach out to our Investor Relations team.

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