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Enhanced Deal Comparison on Percent

We have updated the way we display our Deal Comparison to further increase transparency and streamline access to important information for Percent investors. Once featured on our deal pages, you can now find the comparison functionality on its own dedicated page. This allows investors to select transactions from our Opportunities page that they wish to compare, and see those transactions compared in the linked Opportunity Comparison page (detailed instructions to access the page can be found here). 

In addition to the new page layout, the information shown on a per-deal basis in the Opportunity Comparison page has expanded and enhanced to include numerous new data points related to the borrower and the deal itself. These data points allow investors to further utilize new efficient views when performing their due diligence on the platform to make an investment decision.

The Opportunity Comparison table is broken out into the categories listed below, while the definitions related to the various items within each section can be found by hovering over each item on the table. (An example of each category from the site with sample transactions is shown below as well.)

  1. Offering Overview – This section showcases key dates and other high-level metrics related to the offerings on our platform, such as Close Date, Maturity Date, Term, and APY.
  1. Credit Enhancements – The Credit Enhancements section contains a detailed breakdown of all relevant deal features and characteristics related to the structure that may offer additional support for the transaction to pay its principal and interest in a timely manner. Examples of such features include Overcollateralization, Cash Reserve, and Cash Sweep Frequency.
  1. Asset Details and Modeling Assumptions – In the Asset Details and Modeling Assumptions section, the investor can expect to see important information related to the underlying asset that is securing the transaction, as well as the various cash flow modeling assumptions used for internal cash flow payout scenarios. For example, Asset Type, Historical Default Rate, and Maximum Single Obligor Exposure are some of the items included.
  1. Corporate Overview – The Corporate Overview section focuses particularly on information related to the business operations of the borrower, such as Country, number of Employees, and Equity Raised to Date.

These data points are confirmed respectively by the active borrowers on an ongoing basis to ensure we capture any changes or updates. This is similar to how we confirm any changes or updates prior to any new offering.

As we strive to provide as much information and transparency that we can to the private credit market, we hope this information further enables investors to make a well-informed investment decision on Percent.

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