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Cadence is Now Percent: Introducing the Next Generation of Private Credit Investing

When we first came up with the idea for Cadence, we settled on a name that we felt was a perfect fit for what we offered. As an investing platform providing short duration investments that keep rolling over in perpetuity, having a “cadence” to our investment process meant we could live up to our name.

As our company evolved and our broader vision changed, the ties that bound us to this name became few and far between. We came together as a team to discuss a name befitting not just who we are today, but what we aim to be: the most impactful and iconic financial technology company of our generation.

I’m proud to announce that, as of today, Cadence is now Percent.

Our Future as Percent

A percent is so much more than just a number. 

Percent is about ownership. It is a measure of success and a metric that moves markets. It is what individuals and companies alike are constantly in search of for personal and professional growth. From private debt all the way to private equity, the investing world thinks in percentages.

We truly believe that Percent’s present and future is to provide outstanding solutions tailored to the needs of investors and originators alike. We only scratched the surface in our three short years of what we want to accomplish, and we felt it was time for a new name that embodies our future ambitions. This includes a bevy of products and features for investors and originators rolling out this year, a sizable expansion of our current offerings, and a leap forward into the future with our ever-expanding team to build out new frameworks that have the potential to change private investing as we know it. 

Today, however, is a time for focus as we continue to strive to create one of the best alternative investment platforms on the market. There is much more to come, and I’m grateful to have you along for this journey.

-Nelson Chu, Founder & CEO, Percent

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