Announcing a New Originator Partnership with Rapicredit

We are pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with Rapicredit, the latest in a series of new partnerships between Percent and innovative fintech lending platforms.

Established in 2013, Rapicredit is a Colombia-based fintech firm focused on serving consumer borrowers with quick, convenient, innovative, and inclusive credit solutions via smart technology use, good business practices, and continuous improvement. The company is headquartered in Bogota and is led by an experienced management team with experience in finance, technology, operations, and data analytics. Rapicredit extended roughly 910,000 loans since making its first disbursement in 2014, improving its product and technology along the way.

“Rapicredit serves a large, growing but often neglected customer base,” notes Charlie Lienau, Managing Director of Capital Markets at Percent. “It does so reliably, evidenced by the fact that the majority of loans extended by Rapicredit are to returning customers. We are excited to gain access to this large and loyal client base through a high-quality partner in Latin America.”

This new partnership continues to illustrate Percent’s commitment to supporting growing tech-enabled specialty finance originators bringing overdue improvements to their industries.

Daniel Materón, CEO of Rapicredit, explained that “This alliance, with the expertise of Percent, is very relevant for our company as we will be able to continue with our growth plans while generating a very strong social impact with our customers who are unfortunately underserved and have limited opportunities.  We are looking forward to a strong and long lasting relationship between both parties and are more than delighted with this partnership.”

As a financial technology company and alternative investment platform, Percent continues to offer accredited investors uncorrelated, transparent, high-yield investment products while providing non-dilutive growth capital to its origination partners. Percent is excited to partner with Rapicredit to continue building an extensive network of best-in-class partners across different corners of the private credit universe.

Scott Steinhardt
Scott Steinhardt
Director of Content at Percent
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