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Alternative investing. Simplified.

Percent unlocks exclusive private credit investments for your portfolio. Access select alternative investments on the platform powering the future of private markets.

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Returns on your timeline

Earn up to 18% annualized returns with investments based on your unique objectives. Investments mature in as little as one month or as long as several years.

Diversification by design

Our standardized offerings provide investors with exposure across a variety of asset classes and geographies. From small business lending in Latin America to litigation finance in the United States, Percent empowers you to invest your way.

Transparency at every turn

Our proprietary technology gives you access to a wealth of market data on every company and every deal. Compare deals before you invest and track their performance after they close.

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Investment Opportunities

SMB Financing

Specialty SMB Finance

Closed 09/9/2022 Amount $30M Term 9 Months 14-16% APY
Corporate Loans

Enterprise SaaS

Closed 09/6/2022 Amount $2M Term 16 Months 15.0-17.0% APY
Consumer Loans

Residential Mortgage

Closed 09/1/2022 Amount $7.5M Term 9 Months 10.00-11.50% APY
Misc. Small Businesses

SMB Financing

Closed 08/23/2022 Amount $1.8M Term 9 Months 12% APY
SMB Financing

Misc. Small Business

Closed 08/20/2022 Amount $600,000 Term 8 Months 14.25% APY
Consumer Advances

Earned Wages Access

Closed 08/16/2022 Amount $400K Term 4 Months 9.5% APY

Our proven track record

Since 2018, thousands of investors have trusted Percent to gain exposure to alternative investments. See how our private credit offerings deliver largely uncorrelated returns for your portfolio.

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$644M Amount Funded 339 Funded Deals 12.38% Weighted Average APY 1.58% Default Rate

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