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Taiger Closes Corporate Debt Offering on the Percent Platform, APSF Joins as Structuring Agent

This article was published in 2022 when Taiger first joined Percent’s platform. For the latest and critical updates regarding Taiger’s performance, including any recent developments or changes, please visit Taiger’s borrower page on Percent.

Percent and Taiger are pleased to announce that $2 million in debt capital has been raised on the Percent platform (in addition to $1 million raised through convertible debt by equity investors), providing Taiger with growth capital to further expand its software business. The inaugural deal comes after heavy demand and taps into Percent’s proven ability to help borrowers and venture-backed companies access alternative sources of capital.

Taiger will utilize Percent’s bespoke range of debt capital-raising services, software, and solutions to manage the corporate debt offering. Taiger expects to raise an additional $3 million in debt capital on the Percent platform in the coming months as bridge capital to continue to fund Taiger’s growth until their expected debt and equity fundraising rounds in 2023.

AP Structured Finance, a Latin American financial group with extensive experience in emerging markets, served as a structuring agent for the inaugural offering. Percent expects to continue to work with structuring agents like AP Structured Finance to bring diverse investment opportunities to the Percent investors.

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